Designed For You

Designing a piece of custom jewelry is an opportunity to create a beautiful and personal expression of your individuality. Custom designed jewelry can tell a story about your special relationships, or something unique about you. It can include an engraving, symbolic pattern, or sentimental gemstones you inherited. It can combine elements of vintage and contemporary designs in one new piece that holds both sentimental value and fashion-forward style. At Alexander J. Bongiorno, Creative Jeweler, we can create one-of-a-kind custom jewelry for you using gemstones and pieces you already have, or craft original designs based on your style and imagination.

In essence, the beauty of custom design is that you will have a piece of “wearable art” made specifically for you. Let’s create something truly special and unique, just like you.

Getting to Know You

From the first time we meet to discuss your jewelry ideas until the moment you hold your finished piece of custom jewelry in hand, we are here to listen to your dreams and guide your custom experience seamlessly. The first step in the creative custom design process is simply getting to know you. Feel free to share your ideas to help us identify your style, likes, and dislikes, and determine the kind of jewelry you will love wearing or gifting. Very often, we sketch ideas or will make a rough model for you to try on. Once you are confident we understand your mindset, we move on to the next phase.

CAD Rendering

The second part of the custom experience is when our designers transform your ideas into something more tangible. Unique to Alexander J. Bongiorno, Creative Jeweler, is that our designers are also jeweler/goldsmiths bringing expertise as craftsmen to the design, which ensures your piece is not only beautiful but structurally sound. We use state-of-the-art computer-aided design software (CAD) that brings your jewelry to life on our computer, detailing its form, shape and gemstone position. Through this system you will have the opportunity to view several angles of your custom piece and any changes can easily be made at this stage of development.

engagement ring cad rendering

3D Model

Once your CAD rendering is approved, we will produce a resin or wax model of your jewelry you can actually try on. This model will feature nearly the exact structural dimensions of your piece. Once you are satisfied with the model (and we know you will be thrilled) it is on to the next phase.

Casting. Setting. Finishing!

Your custom creation is now ready to be cast in the precious metal of your choice. Once it is cast, one of our goldsmiths will carefully assemble the piece and our setter will hand set each gem. Your jewelry will be inspected and prepared with the desired finish be it satin, bright polish or other texture. The piece is inspected once again upon finishing to ensure that every detail will exceed your expectations.

setting an engagement ring

The Reveal

The smile on your face when you see your finished piece for the first time is why we have been creating jewelry for over 70 years.  Our custom design process may follow a similar path for every project, but it is never exactly the same. At Alexander J. Bongiorno, Creative Jeweler, we believe every piece of jewelry has a story, a history, AND a future. Every single piece is worth the time, effort and the attention to detail to make it absolutely perfect. Let’s create something beautiful together!

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custom engagement ring

Custom Jewelry

Since 1949, custom designed jewelry has been our passion at Alexander J. Bongiorno, Creative Jeweler. We think few things are as exciting as creating a custom piece of jewelry.  It is the ultimate fashion statement to wear something you imagined and is unique, just like you. When it comes to designing one-of-a-kind rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, there are literally no limits to your imagination or our creativity.

Inspiration may come from anywhere. A special trip you took. Your favorite flower. A grandmother’s antique ring, or the pearls your mother wore at her wedding.  All of these things can be reimagined and repurposed into a new custom pendant, ring or necklace. Let us bring new life to your old cherished pieces or if you prefer, we can create something from scratch.  The choice is yours.

fine jewelry ring
custom necklace
custom pendant

Custom Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Custom bridal jewelry is an opportunity for us to be creative and design rings as special as the love you share. Nothing quite compares to designing an engagement ring or wedding set that is yours and yours only. At Alexander J. Bongiorno, Creative Jeweler, we not only understand your desire for the unique and exceptional, but we excel at helping you design your bridal rings.

Whether you want your dream ring to feature a fabulous colored gem, or a family heirloom diamond, you choose gold or platinum for the setting – the sky is the limit! Whatever you envision, we will make it yours – a stunning original creation.

Jewelry Restyling & Restoration

At Alexander J. Bongiorno, Creative Jeweler, we know there is a lot of sentimental value in the jewelry you bring to us for restyling or repair. We listen closely to your concerns and make sure your precious older pieces are handled with the utmost care. When you sell your old, unwanted jewelry to us we will carefully remove all gemstones (at no charge) and give them back to you so they may be restyled into a new piece of jewelry, if you so desire. Our goldsmiths can expertly repair antique gold and platinum jewelry and bring new life to old, tired, yet still cherished pieces.

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On The Jeweler’s Bench

Curious to know and see what we are currently working on for a client? Visit this page to see fine jewelry creations we have made in the past, and what we are working on now!

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